Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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REGARDING the young car thief who was photographed recently in the Evening Chronicle, I note the police spokesman said: "I hope this sends a message out that we are staging these operations and we will crack down on car criminals in the area." Well, guess what? The crackdown has resulted in a 12-month conditional discharge, despite his string of previous convictions. You couldn't really make it up, could you? DJ, Gateshead.

IN reply to JW, of Washington, I enjoy watching Crufts with loads of dancing and tricks. It is more entertaining than watching sad people trying to sound like Robbie Williams in a karaoke bar. Get a life yourself - go jogging or something. I choose to live alone.

W, Leam Lane.

I HAVE been reading about the beach huts in Blyth. I am a resident in the town and I think it's absolutely stupid because we used to have beach huts and they were vandalised. Mr Stevens is just talking a load of rubbish. We should have people cleaning the streets of dog foul and litter and things like that before we spend money on stupid projects like that.

MR, Blyth.

I WAS overjoyed to read about Blyth Council's plans to build beach huts to attract tourists. I was planning an English holiday anyway this year and was thinking of Torquay, but I can just holiday close to home. It will be handy for Blyth town centre where we can take in the pavement cafes, historic sites, museums and theme parks. We can go paragliding or lie on the beach in our designer duffel coats or go in the sea in the clear blue lukewarm water and snorkel among the tropical fish. It will also increase income for Newcastle International Airport with foreign tourists flocking in from around the world. JW, Washington.

I LIVE in Hadrian Park and at the end of the month the buses are changing again. How many times have they got to change? It's got to be a man sitting on his backside with his feet on the desk thinking how he can change things around. …

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