Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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AS usual, as a resident of Newcastle I've just received my City Life magazine for March/April 2008. Quite frankly, as a council taxpayer, I feel I am being short-changed. In relation to Bridging Newcastle and Gateshead, Scotswood residents, as usual, get a mention.

What's happening in the west of Newcastle? Oh yes, plenty happening in the west of Newcastle. What's happening in the east of Newcastle? Oh, the Walker oscars, that's fantastic. Meanwhile, is there anything happening in the north of Newcastle? Silence as usual. Could some of these individuals at Bridging Newcastle and Gateshead get themselves up to North Kenton and have a look at the shopping centre which we have to see on a daily basis? It's an absolute disgrace of a prehistoric shopping centre from the 1960s. Absolutely disgraceful. It really does boil my blood when I have to constantly read this magazine to see regeneration happening citywide. Meanwhile, in North Kenton, all you hear is someone knocking the z's out.

EB, Kenton.

I AGREE with J Watts from Harlow Green, Your Shout, March 18. Christopher Davidson, from Morpeth, who bit a pigeon's head off and Nicola Coiiinson, who inflicted such gruesome injuries on a tiny kitten, are the lowest scum in the land. I find it difficult to believe we have these wicked and evil people living in our community who are capable of carrying out such heinous crimes against birds and animals.

EG, Hebburn.

A METAL section of railings alongside the Lord Armstrong statue at Barras Bridge is rusty and in disrepair. It looks absolutely terrible. Surely Lord Armstrong, the great industrialist, deserves better than this? This is in a prime site at Barras Bridge in Newcastle. Surely a coat of paint and a little repair should be able to solve the problem?

PL, Sandyford.

IN reply to the many letters on the yellow buses.

Me and my mates are regulars in The Hotspur pub opposite the Haymarket bus station and for the last year we have had daft bets as to how many passengers there will be on the yellow bus as it reverses out of the bus stand.

Sometimes there are no passengers on board and the most we have seen so far in the last year is six - and this includes the bus driver! …

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