Music: Social Eyes a Real Blast; Also Playing: Hatcham Social

Article excerpt

ON record and in appearance, HATCHAM SOCIAL are the archetypal twee 1980s-worshipping indie band.

The band are all patterned jumpers, jangly guitar melodies and sway-along drums.

Reckoned to be one of the hottest things to come out of London in recent times, the Cockney three-piece are made up of Finnigan Kidd, Tobias Josef Kidd and Dave Jafu.

The honeyed sound of their four singles doesn't give away what you get live with Hatcham Social, instead they blast out a ferocious ten song set which lasts no longer than half an hour.

Tobias Kidd's guitar jangles with clash and clang of metal objects rattling together.

Dave Jafu's bass is more tuneful but no less aggressive, the notes skittering around Finn Kidd's pummeling drums as though the two were engaged in a bout of bare-knuckle boxing.

A noise this wayward and abrasive is not likely to make headway in the mainstream, but people probably said the same thing of Pavement's scratchy early singles, and they became one of the most influential bands the US indie scene has produced. …


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