Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Show's over, Folks

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Show's over, Folks

Article excerpt

Byline: Judith Holder

I SHALL miss the Mills v McCartney roadshow, now that it's apparently run its course and come to a legal conclusion. I, for one, enjoyed the nation being united in its collective desire to smack her really hard.

Half of us had seen it coming.... we divided into two camps from the beginning - the people who thought she was just what he needed to get over the beloved Linda, and the rest of us who feel that we could have told St Paul right from the start that it would end in tears.

Maybe some up here in the North East were specially prone to thinking the worst of her - she reminded us of people we knew, or we knew someone who knew her.

Some of us have known women like her - pushy, too good to be true, tall, leggy and blonde and a way with men that means she gets the guy every time - seeking the wealthy and influential ones out like a heat seeking missile.

Some people would say that this says more about me than her - and they may have a point. I suppose there is more than a slice of envy... some of us still lament St Paul going off with Linda.

And I imagine Heather was irresistible; sexy, smart and her own woman, so I can see how it happened.

But it was just a hunch we all had, nothing that you could really put your finger on.

She was, after all, wronged, disadvantaged, articulate, independent; and yet we just had this strong feeling that we didn't approve, that he might just regret it.

Sometimes it pays to follow this sort of hunch. Little by little things happened that confirmed our worst fears; he dyed his hair - we all assume she made him dye his hair - but who knows?

Worst of all, she began to look like she started liking the spotlight. Attention seeking is something the British very much disapprove of.

It's OK to be famous but to visibly adore being famous is a bit dodgy as far as we're concerned.

Then the baby came along, so we all thought we needed to pull ourselves together - Heather was here to stay. …

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