Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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I look across the valley and I see Newcastle quite clearly from where I live and we have thousand upon thousands of lights continually on at night-time

WHAT JS of Ponteland seems to be forgetting is that the media quite often has time only to represent a short picture of court cases, hence there is the risk the public can often misinterpret or blow out of all proportion that which has been said in court. Judgements and sentencing in court are also individual to each case.

It may well be the case that because prisons are full, judges are now handing out shorter sentences. However, it is wrong of JS to generalise and say judges are out of touch.

If courts had a system to hand out the same sentence of judgement for murder the situation could arise whereby the criminally insane could be given the same sentence and judgement as a wife who murdered her husband because she had been abused by him for years. Surely this wouldn't be fair? AS, Cramlington.

I WOULD like to vent my spleen against Chester-le-Street District Council. They've handed their houses over to a housing association and trying to get in touch with the housing association to ask questions about housing is like trying to get in touch with God. RAH, Chester-le-Street.

IN rely to Mrs A from Gateshead and the letter dated March 28, basically I see the benefits-bashers are back. Well I can categorically say Mrs A from Gateshead is talking utter tosh. She thinks that people on benefits get everything done to their house and get it done immediately.

Well let me tell her, my wife's disabled, we are on benefits, we get housing and council tax rebates. But I'll tell you something, you don't get things done quickly. I waited nine weeks for my son's bedroom ceiling to be replaced after half of it had collapsed. Now Gateshead council thought it was quite acceptable for me to sleep on the settee for nine weeks and look after my wife while my nine-year-old son slept in my bed. …

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