Boris to Follow Transport Drink Ban with London Alcohol Czar; Body Language: As Well as Pledging to Clamp Down on Alcohol Abuse in the Capital, the Tory Mayoral Candidate Told an Evening Standard Panel of Readers That He Wants to Introduce Scholarships for University Students

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AN alcohol czar for London has been proposed by Tory mayoral candidateBoris Johnson.

Mr Johnson has already said he will ban alcohol on the Tube and buses if hewins the election for Mayor.

He said: "There are already boroughs doing excellent work in tackling underagedrinking and the pubs, clubs and shops that encourage it. A London alcohol czaris one idea that could help to roll out policies that work across theboroughs." He is also prepared to publish league tables naming and shamingcouncils which fail to act against pubs and bars which sell alcohol tochildren.

During his meeting with a panel of Evening Standard readers, the Tory candidatewent on to pledge to introduce academic scholarships for university students.He said the awards would be funded by the London Development Agency or thepromised Mayor's Fund for London, financed by private businesses.

However he stopped short of offering free travel for all students, a pledgefrom his Lib-Dem rival Brian Paddick. …