Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Cosmic Bowling May Be Right Up Your Alley

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Cosmic Bowling May Be Right Up Your Alley

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Byline: Laura Capitano

For this weekend's happening I looked to the sporting world. Specifically, Super Saturday Cosmic Bowling at Jax Lanes West.

Yes, bowling is indeed an oldie but a goodie; anthropologists report finding remains of bowling-type-equipment they say date as early as 3200 B.C., according to the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.

The face of bowling has changed over the centuries. These days man is taking less to the Jax Lanes Wests of the world and their communal shoes and lane neighbors clueless to bowling etiquette. More and more, man is taking to his home to bowl barefoot with his Wii entertainment system.

Somewhere between the two iterations sits cosmic bowling, which offers all the lane oil and junk food of the alley game, plus a hint of multimedia flair. When bowling goes cosmic, alleys unleash dance club effects like black lights, disco balls, laser displays, dance music and fog machines to your grandpa's bowling lane. In short, when the sign reads, "Cosmic Bowling Tonight," that's code for, "Young folk a' bowling and carrying on."

Never, ever have I been to a bowling alley that appeared welcoming from the outside. It's never, "Ooh this place looks nice!" but rather, "I hope it's OK on the inside." Jax Lanes West is no exception. Once past the seafoam, windowless facade, all is well on the inside. Clean, vibrant, well-lit, normal-smelling and with the occasional celebratory bursts from groups who just saw their pal hit that strike or pick up that spare - all the things you'd want your bowling alley to be.

Bowling at Jax Lanes is a pre-pay situation, with separate shoe and game charges. Study the open play schedule and pricing list carefully to stretch your bowling dollar. For instance, if you're up for it, a three-game cosmic package will be cheaper than paying by the game. …

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