Cannons to the Right and Allies to Left for Davis; Qualified Support from Left: David Davis and Jason Cowley, the NS's Incoming Editor

Article excerpt

DAVID Daviss coup de theatre has now garneredunexpectedsupportfromthe Left. A leading article in this weeks New Statesman has warmly applaudedDaviss decision to resign as an MP and fight a by-election on the 42 daydetention issue.

Meanwhile, on the Right, todays Spectator has condemned the former shadow HomeSecretary, declaring him the Eddie the Eagle of Westminster and writing off hispolitical career.

This magazine could never endorse the candidacy of David Davis in the comingbyelection in his Haltemprice and Howden constituency, says The New Statesman.Davis is a Right-wing Conservative, as can beseenfromhisstanceonarangeof issues from the Human Rights Act to the death penalty. But neither do weshare in the general sneering that emanated from the Westminster villagefollowing his resignation. The former shadow home secretaryhassucceededinhismainaimof keeping the issue of civil liberties in the public eye, and we applaud himfor that. The New Statesman wants to see a candidate challenge him and make agenuinely liberal argument against 42 days. Butthemagazineaddsaninteresting caveat, saying: Jason Cowley [the incoming editor] is not currentlythe editor of the NS and will not be until later this year. …


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