Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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AFTER reading Wednesday night's Chronicle, I would like to say I would rather pay for the bus pass if we have to pay for the Gold one. I think pounds 20-pounds 25 would be quite good to pay. I would rather pay and I am sure a lot of pensioners feel the same way because we have got our pride and we can afford it. I am a pensioner and I am 74. CW, Byker.

I HAVE just read the article about the shopkeeper in Mullen Road, Wallsend, being prosecuted for defending himself in his shop.

I just find it an absolute disgrace that this has happened.

Since this family took over going into the shop is an absolute pleasure, where before it was quite a miserable place to go.

I don't know the family that well. I just go in for cigarettes and newspapers and they are absolutely wonderful people. They are the nicest people you could come across.

To have police throw the book at them is absolutely ridiculous. If anybody is thinking about not going in the shop after reading that report then I certainly wouldn't even think about doing that because these people should be given all the support they can get.

AM, Wallsend.

I CANNOT believe the story I have just read in the Chronicle on Wednesday about Sanjit Singh.

I know I am only reading one side of this story but why do the police always take the side of these abusive youths and not the innocent victim?

Mr Singh was absolutely terrified for his life and I just can't understand it. I for one, had reason to call our local police station recently to report a break-in.

I was unable to do this as the answerphone at the police station said "Sorry there is no one to take your call at the moment, please ring back later". On a number of occasions the control room put me through to the same station. The phone rang for 10 minutes and I just gave up as nobody answered. …

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