The Magic Returns in a Darker, More Savage Land of Narnia; (1) Fantasy Line-Up: Georgie Henley, Who Plays Lucy Pevensie, with Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian), Skandar Keynes (Edmund), Director Andrew Adamson, Anna Popplewell (Susan) and William Moseley (Peter) (2) Action Movie: Narnians at the O2 and Right, Natasha Richardson with Liam Neeson, Who Plays the Voice of Aslan

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REVIEW Prince Caspian The O2

THEY had billed it as the biggest ever audience for a London film premiere, infront of the largest cinema screen in Europe. And on the night, it didn'tdisappoint.

Liam Neeson, David Walliams and the film's young British star Ben Barnes joinedalmost 10,000 others at the O2 for the screening of The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian, in a production that Neeson's wife Natasha Richardson likenedto the Oscars.

That's taking it too far, but the Greenwich peninsula has probably never lookedso good. In the evening sunshine, the masses traipsed up the red carpet,through a gateway to Narnia, while soldiers fought on the sidelines andhorsemen jostled for position.

As O2 novices, we found inside even more impressive. If you're used to watchingfilms in London with a few dozen people in a dungeon of a room, then this is acompletely new experience. As the Telmarine army thundered across the plains inthe final battle, the 50,000-watt sound system seemed to shake the arena flooritself.

So what of the film, this much awaited sequel to The Lion, the Witch and theWardrobe? " You may find Narnia a more savage place than you remember,'" thefour Pevensie children are warned, when they find themselves back in the landthey once ruled, 1300 years on. And indeed it is a darkerworld. The brothers doa lot more fighting, while the eldest girl Susan emerges inevitably falls forPrince Caspian, played by Ben Barnes with a dodgy Spanish accent. …


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