Three More Faces from Growing Toll of Knife Violence; Victims: Adnan Patel, above, Died after Being Stabbed and Trying to Escape His Attackers in His Car, Which He Crashed. Latvian Genadijs Jaronis Was Found Dead in a Squat in Tottenham, and Tung le Was Stabbed Leaving a Nightclub in Trafalgar Square

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THESE are the first pictures of three of London's latest knife-crimevictims.

Two were murdered during the city's bloodiest day of violence this year, and athird stabbed to death in the street after a night out with friends.

Construction worker Adnan Patel, 20, and 42-year-old Latvian Genadijs Jaroniswere stabbed to death just hours apart last Thursday. Two other stabbings tookplace that day, including the 20th teenager to be stabbed to death in Londonthis year.

Tung Le, 17, was knifed in the heart after a row in February with anotherteenager after leaving a nightclub just yards from Trafalgar Square.

Mr Patel, from Leytonstone, died after being attacked by a group of menwielding a knife, hammers and crowbars. He lost control of his Ford Focus as hetried to escape but lost control and crashed a few streets away.

Residents tried to save his life as he lay whispering prayers.

About 13 hours earlierat 4amMr Jaronis, 42, suffered head injuries and slash wounds and was pronounced deadat the scene of the attack by a squat in Tottenham High Road.

Mr Patel's family today begged for anyone with information about his murder tocome forward.

The grieving relatives, who are being comforted by hundreds of friends and wellwishers, said they were struggling to come to terms with his death and asked tobe allowed to "grieve in peace at this time of sorrow and sadness".

In a statement they said: "We ask that you pray for him so that he may rest inpeace and that the family are given courage and strength during this difficultperiod.

"We do not want anyone else having to experience the pain and sorrow that weBEAT are currently going through. We beg you that if you have any informationabout what happened to our beautiful Adnan, then please come forward." Hismurder is thought to have followed a dispute with a number of men in a whitevan.

He was one of five brothers and lived at home with his mother after hisfather's death from cancer a few years ago.

Witnesses told how he stumbled from his crashed car, bleeding heavily, andcollapsed in Downsell Road, Leyton, clutching his stomach. …


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