Women Hold the Secret of Happiness; Party Girls: Meryl Streep, Left, and Julie Walters Whoop It Up in New Film Mamma Mia!

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WOMEN are happier than men and have a better quality of life as they getolder, a study shows today.

Scientists asked almost 10,000 people to rate how much they enjoy their lives,and discovered women were more optimistic than men.

Researchers at University College London, who have been following the lives ofthousands of people over the age of 50, also found further evidence betweenpeople's wealth and when they die.

Dr Elizabeth Breeze, who co-wrote the report, said: "There is a differencebetween the way men and women view their quality of life and they areinfluenced by slightly different things.

"Women are affected negatively by caring for someone else or if they are not inemployment, but if they see their children and family more they are positivelyaffected. Retirement improves the quality of life in men, but not in women. Tosome extent people accept their lot as they get older. They are going to makethe best of their lives." Dr Breeze said women could become happier as they getolder as they no longer had to worry about looking after their families.Examples might be actresses Meryl Streep, 59, Helen Mirren, 62, and Judi Dench,72.

Last year, Mirren said: "A weird thing happens to male actors, especially moviestars, in my experience.

"They become grumpy old men. …


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