Is Your Business Getting the Most from You? Management Training and Education

Article excerpt

BUSINESSES might feel they're running efficiently but regularly reviewing management development needs and current training programmes will help ensure you remain competitive.

Below, Business Link highlights ten questions you could ask yourself about improving productivity through efficient director development.

Ten questions to ask yourself: 1 Is my business experiencing growth or going through changes?

2 When was the last time I reviewed my business plan and assessed our performance?

3 How effectively do I communicate with my staff?

4 Could outside directors or non-executive directors inject new knowledge into my management team?

5 Should I consider joining a business network to share experiences with others?

6 Am I paying enough attention to developing my leadership potential?

7 Which areas of the business do I feel least confident dealing with?

8 How often do I make time to attend seminars and workshops?

9 Are we delegating effectively as a team?

10 Would I benefit from an external perspective on the need for management training? …


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