20 Stabbings a Day Make London the Crime Capital

Article excerpt


LONDONERS are more likely to fall victim to violent crime and more worried about being attacked than people living anywhere else in the country, a Home Office report revealed today.

The disclosure came as new figures also showed that 7,248 knife crimes were committed in the capital last year equivalent to a third of all the nonfatal offences in England and Wales and a rate of 20 stabbings a day.

Other statistics released today show London has the highest rate of overall offending and the worst record in the country for car crime and theft, while a third of residents believe the city is blighted by high levels of drunkenness and drug abuse.

The figures, released today in a Home Office report on crime in 2007/8, will raise questions about the Met's performance despite statistics published by the force showing sharp falls in crime over recent years.

The figures show an overall national fall in crime of nine per cent in recorded offences. They came as senior Home Office official Professor Paul Wiles said the economic downturn may prompt a surge in property crime.

"Depending on the extent of the downturn, that will put upward pressure on property crime and it is a matter of at which point it triggers that upward pressure," he said.

The new knife crime figures show that across England and Wales there were 22,151 serious violent crimes involving a knife or sharp instrument one fifth of serious violent crime. …


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