Disguise of Bosnia Butcher; 1.party Time: Bosnian Muslims in Sarajevo Celebrate the Arrest of Radovan Karadzic Early Today. the Bosnian Serb Wartime Leader Oversaw the Siege of the Historic City Which Left More Than 12,000 Civilians Dead 2.captured: Radovan Karadzic, 63, in His Disguise of Flowing Beard and Spectacles. He Was Arrested on a Bus in Belgrade

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THE man hunted for 12 years over the deaths of 20,000 victims of Europe's worst conflict since the Second World War lived in disguise in Belgrade where he practised alternative medicine, it was revealed today.

A flowing white beard and spectacles hid the dark secret of 63-year-old Radovan Karadzic from his patients at a private clinic.

The former leader of the breakaway Serb republic in Bosnia, whose arrest on a bus in the city on Friday was announced yesterday, is indicted by the UN on charges of war crimes and genocide.

The charges include the 1995 massacre of 8,000 unarmed Muslim men at Srebrenica and the bloody three-year siege of Sarajevo where he is accused of authorising the shooting of civilians.

A United Nations indictment says Karadzic and general Ratko Mladic are responsible for the unlawful confinement, murder, rape and inhumane treatment of the non-Serb civilian population in Bosnia-Hercegovina during the 1992-95 war.

Detainees were terrorised by random brutality and sexual violence, the UN says. The terror campaign aimed at driving non-Serbs from the newlydeclared republic saw the term "ethnic cleansing" enter common usage. Mladic is still on the run.

It is thought Karadzic, who went into hiding in 1996 after the war ended, sometimes disguised himself as a priest and was sheltered by Serb nationalist sympathisers.

But when a pro-European government took power in Belgrade last month, pressure intensified to track him down. Karadzic's arrest was one of the main conditions of Serbian progress towards European Union membership, which most of its people want.

His last known address was a flat in New Belgrade, a sprawling suburb of massive concrete tower blocks, where he was known as Dragan Dabic. …


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