Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Training, Not Hiring, Is Solution

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Training, Not Hiring, Is Solution

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Why does Jacksonville need so many more officers? Why not just train the ones they have, especially those in the Northwest Quadrant. This is where a lot of the problems are happening, including the children and other innocent bystanders being killed. The problem lies with our leaders themselves. They're always looking for a handout, whether it be from the citizens or from the state ... Was there such a big "shooting/killing" problem with other sheriffs? I don't recall them crying about how many more untrained officers they needed.


I am sick and tired of people blaming the State Attorney's Office for the bad things happening in this city. It is a combination of police, prosecution and judges that determines who goes to jail, who gets probation or if the charges get dismissed. ... Why don't we stop pointing fingers at any one agency and decide that each agency should have one common interest - to protect and serve this community.


Raves to the young man who came to my car after I was involved in an automobile accident at Blanding Boulevard and San Juan Avenue on July 13. I do not know his name, but he called for help. I am truly appreciative.


Instead of the Duval County School System's superintendent complaining about inadequate funding, why not consider cutting some of the 5,285 positions that are not teaching in classrooms? …

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