Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

And Now for a Sample of Loose Beaches Notes

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

And Now for a Sample of Loose Beaches Notes

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Byline: Bill Longenecker

Note fragments written and kept on a paycheck stub make up this edition of Loose Beaches Notes.

- Try to guess the work of these two businesses from their names. "Well Done" and "Mr. Mow It All." One is easy but quite clever. Answers at the end.

- "Oh, the fox went out on a starry night. And he prayed to the moon for to give him light." That old folk song lyric was made famous in a routine by the Smothers Brothers in the '60s. On July 5, one fox was out very early in Ponte Vedra Beach. It was about 7 a.m. and I had just stopped for water on the edge of the golf course when the fox came into view.

Much to my surprise and delight, the fox was standing there on the edge of the golf course. He made a playful leap and then stopped to watch me. He was just a few feet away from the Switkes home. Triathlete Kitty Switkes had told me about the fox family that she and her family enjoys seeing. (I can't make this up.) Kitty and her dog came out just as the fox vanished.

A few minutes later, the only brown marsh rabbit I have seen in months was munching a load of street-side plants. It did not vanish upon my approach. It merely turned and hopped slowly into a deeper brush covering. A tall, stately blue heron in the marsh was next on my critter list that morning.

- July 5 was not as hot as it could be for a day in midsummer. It was quite sunny. So my quest was for shade. For the last few weeks, the route for my Long Saturday Run has been modified to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. To that noble end, I have selected the northbound lane on San Pablo Road for its deeper shade levels. That means running in the bike lane with traffic, not such a good idea. Then I discovered the narrow grass margin next to the sidewalk.

That margin is dense enough to allow a normal stride and is up against the woods. Therefore, it is quite shady and much cooler, depending on one's definition of "cooler." The southbound lane puts one against the traffic, but directly in the sun.

- I found a 6 oz. tube of brand name toothpaste for $1. Why pay more? Aim brand is $1 at Walgreens. That helps pay my weekly gasoline bill, which often reaches $15, and I still have clean teeth.

- Beall's Outlet in Neptune Beach keeps me in style at work for less. …

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