Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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I think they should bring National Service back. It would get a lot of the kids off the streets nowadays

TODAY I've been to a funeral and a young girl was brought in, to the funeral of her grandmother, handcuffed to a prison officer.

This girl would have been given a short-term prison sentence. It's not as though she's killed somebody.

What a lovely way to say goodbye to her grandmother. Especially when you've got people running round our streets at the minute who can get away with everything.

She's in prison for a thing which was not her fault. I think the law in this day and age is disgusting.

SG, North Shields.

I WISH to vent my spleen about all these letters in the paper about disabled people.

I think it's a disgrace. They have a life to live like anyone else.

I would just like to know why Nexus took the care buses off.

People were picked up from their homes and dropped off.

I don't know why they have taken the buses off because a lot of people used them but I suppose it's to save money. I think the disabled have every right to be able to go out and enjoy themselves like everyone else.

BM, Walker

I AGREE with AJT from Whickham. We are much better off since Labour came to power. The average lifespan has increased thanks to much more investment in the NHS. And just look at all the goodies pensioners receive from free bus travel, winter fuel payments and much more. I agree we have never had it so good. BJ, Birtley.

I'D LIKE to Vent My Spleen about all the beautiful work the council has done at Old Eldon Square and still there are people sitting on the grass and leaving litter when there are really enough bins to put the litter in. The council should have a warden walking around constantly and fining the people who are leaving it looking a real mess. …

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