Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Now Is Good Time to Plant Amaryllis

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Now Is Good Time to Plant Amaryllis

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I have some amaryllis plants growing in containers. When can I put them into the ground?

This is a very timely question and one that a lot of our readers ask about. For you amaryllis lovers, our Florida climate allows us to divide or transplant them just about any time of the year. However, starting in September and on through January is the best time of year to set your container-grown amaryllis bulbs into the ground.

Remove the plant from the container, gently separate the bulbs and plant in a lightly shaded area with well-drained soil. Incorporate some fresh organic matter into the soil and either a bulb fertilizer or 2 to 3 pounds of 6-6-6 per 100 square feet of bed area.

Plant them 12 to 15 inches apart. Cover the bulb, leaving the top or neck of the bulb exposed. Your newly planted amaryllis bulbs should be watered and kept moist until they take root. Fertilize a couple of times during their growing season.

If you are serious about getting the most enjoyment out of your flowers next spring, remove the male parts, or "anthers" (the long filaments that stick out from within the flower), when the flower opens. This helps extend the life of the blooms.

And, to improve flowering for the following season, remove the dead blooms before seeds are produced. This allows the plant to put its energy back into the bulb, resulting in bigger and healthier flowers. This may help prevent disease problems as well.

After all of the winds and tons of rain, I find that we have some really low spots in our yard that need to be filled. If I add sand to these areas, will my grass survive? Can you suggest any re-landscaping options?

Tropical Storm Fay certainly was a storm for the record books. Like you, a lot of us received an excessive amount of rain. If you need to raise part of or even your entire yard more than an inch or two, you will probably need to replace the grass that you cover. …

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