FAST PLAY; Fun Isn't Always Civilized in the Video Game Civilization Revolution, You Strive to Rule World

Article excerpt


The Civilization series is all about building technology, wealth and culture while expanding your boundaries and reaching your full potential. But thankfully it's also about crushing other civilizations. Sometimes a little mean-spirited destruction can soothe the soul.

What they're selling: From 2K Games - "In Civilization, players strive to become ruler of the world by establishing and leading a civilization from the dawn of man into the space age waging war, conducting diplomacy, discovering technologies, going head-to-head with some of history's greatest leaders and building the most powerful empire the world has ever known."

What we're telling: OK, maybe that sounds better than what I was thinking.

The nut graph: The selection of strategy games on current-gen consoles is not very large, but Civilization Revolutions belongs at the top of the list. It lacks some of the depth of the Civilization PC games, which have been around since 1991, but the turn-based gameplay lets you breathe and figure out your next move. You never feel rushed even when the pressure is on, and there are enough options to approach the game from endless angles. …


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