Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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REGARDING the report on September 29 in The Chronicle, saying that you always hear what is given to single mothers for free with children. Well, those benefits are only given to the people who are on the dole that get free milk, free fruit and veg along with free meals.

I work and I've got one child and another one on the way and I don't get anything. The only thing I get is a maternity grant of pounds 500, I am not entitled to the free fruit and veg, I am not entitled to the meals, I am not entitled to anything.

And I think it is absolutely disgraceful that people contact the Chronicle and say that single mothers get this, that and the other. The only single mothers that get everything are the people who are actually on the dole and cannot be bothered to get a job.

I am seven-and-a-half months pregnant and I am still working and I will still be working until I have the baby. I'll be going back two weeks after I've had the baby because I have got no alternative as the dole will not pay out what I need to live on. TB, Blyth.

REGARDING E Reid from Stanley's comments in Your Shout, September 29,1 have to say I had no idea how many items some benefits recipients were in receipt of and how much money it must all cost the taxpayer. Small wonder other readers are claiming they cost more to fund than the Royal family. But then again, the Royal family bring much-needed money into the country and their high-profile status does raise much-needed money for many worthwhile charities.

AB, Sunderland.

TO ALL those correspondents out there who keep on about the millions of pounds spent on benefit claimants as opposed to the Royal family.

Let's get one thing straight, those people on benefits are not living the same lavish, luxurious, cocooned lifestyle as the Royal family.

The Royals are just one family and one family only who benefit from millions of taxpayers' money. Is this not a benefit? Why should any members of the Royals work when they can live at the expense of the taxpayers? …

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