Letter: Wind Power Leads to Dependence on Fuel Imports, but Not Energy Security; VOICE OF THE NORTH

Article excerpt


I DOUBT whether Mr Scargill (Voice of the North, October 7) is related to his namesake or that, in view of his support for wind turbines in the Northumberland countryside, he is in favour of new coal or gas-fired power stations.

However, the evidence is massive numbers of wind turbines require increased numbers of fossil-fuelled power stations as back up.

Mr Scargill thinks Spain shows us the way. It is true that Spain has a massive installed wind capacity: 14,700mw at the end of 2007.

However, most of those turbines are concentrated in remote, less populated areas while demand is concentrated in the air-conditioned cities.

It is no coincidence that Spain has constructed more and more gas-fired power stations, with a total installed capacity of 21,000mw making natural gas the main source of electricity. According to Enagas, which runs the national gas network, 99.8% of the gas used in Spain is imported.

Many industry experts forecast that the United Kingdom will also require large numbers of new gas or coal-fired power stations to back up the massive numbers of wind turbines that are currently being consented. …


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