Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

RANTS & RAVES; Police Officers Are Not the Criminals

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

RANTS & RAVES; Police Officers Are Not the Criminals

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What is wrong with the Times-Union and the TV stations? Why are you always slamming the police when they are not the criminals? The picture on the front of your Metro section of Wednesday's paper is of a puffed-up, outraged mother of a criminal that police shot in the arm. Why isn't she outraged that her son is a criminal? Believe me, Times-Union and TV networks, most Jacksonville citizens are not happy with your reporting of these criminals acts. You seem to miss the point that they are criminals and usually have a weapon.


This is in regards to the woman whose sister was wished the miscarriage by a Jaguars fan. I want to apologize for this rude, ignorant and uncivilized person. I find a lot of Jacksonville fans are rude, as are a lot of the Jaguars players. My son has lived in Ohio twice. ... Everyone in Ohio has been friendly, warm and made me feel welcome anytime I visit, as have they treated my son the same. Thank you, Ohio. You are a beautiful state with beautiful people.


I want to comment on the "Southern rudeness" rant. True Southerners are not rude. It's all the Northerners who moved down here. More than half of the people who live here are not from here. Almost all of the people I know are from Northern states. So before you say the Southerners are rude, get your facts straight. I am a true Southerner, I might add, and I am not rude. A true Southerner is the most generous person you will ever meet.


To look at and listen to, Barack Obama seems like the best. But, "on the record," John McCain looks best. Obama's too big a gamble to bet the country's future on - the No. 1 liberal in the Senate, big spender, unproven political rookie, higher taxes, "government knows best," more "entitlements," several questionable past associations, a Freddie/Fannie favorite for political contributions, etc. …

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