Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

College Smackdown; If Only He Had Worn His Lucky Game-Day Clothes

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

College Smackdown; If Only He Had Worn His Lucky Game-Day Clothes

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Byline: Trey Dennard

What an eventful week before the traditional cocktail party, represented locally by Eric and myself with columns in My Nassau Sun, along with a wonderful feature story on Chris Bryan and her role as president of the Gator Booster Club.

As much smack as I might talk, and especially with Gators, I must admit I still have a soft spot for Florida because two of my favorite people bleed orange and blue. The first one, my Mom, who sent her son and money to Athens, and the other, Chris Bryan, who was one of my first customers almost 20 years ago, always available with an ear and some sound advice.

One other exploit leading up to the main event Nov. 1 was the photo shoot for the Oct. 30 Times-Union. The artists dressed me as a fanatical fan and did a brief bio and video. It was a lot of fun and after last Thursday's paper I received lots of phone calls and ribbing and some requests for pictures and tailgating appearances - in costume of course! This leads me to the game or lack thereof!

I'll go ahead and take full responsibility for the Dawgs' loss. After hours of tailgating in the fanatical fan costume, game time neared and as I started to disrobe and change into my traditional (i.e. lucky) game day clothes, my buddies convinced me to wear the costume, dreadlocks and all, into the stadium.

Under normal circumstances I would not have been swayed. But peer pressure, and being under the influence of barbecued pork pig sammiches and boiled peanuts, this Georgia boy succumbed.

I did not wear my traditional red-and-black garments and for this I must apologize. Since the game, I have had lots of thoughts and a few words of condolence from total strangers.

Back to my thoughts: some serious, some sarcastic and others just funny. As the first half wore on, I was thinking how reminiscent this game was to the Alabama game except this time I was wearing red-and-black striped overalls. …

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