Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Monday Morning Quarterback

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Monday Morning Quarterback

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Reaction from fans after the Jaguars' 30-17 loss to the Houston Texans on Monday night:

Here's a new children's book for Mr. Weaver: See Jack pack. See Jack help Shack pack. See the Jaguars pack it in for the season.

John, Jacksonville

We finally succeeded in showing everyone on national TV see what a bunch of overpaid crybabies we have been calling the Jags for the last few weeks. As a season-ticket holder from the start, coming from central Florida for every home game, I am 100 percent committed to showing Khalif Barnes the door, and let him find someone who wants him, and shove Jerry Porter out there with him.

Lynn, Altoona

What a total embarrassment to the city of Jacksonville. We have gone from preseason Super Bowl hopefuls to the NFL's newest laughingstock. But I'm not laughing.

Robert, Jacksonville

The only positive aspect to this season is at least we'll have a high draft pick, but based on Shack Harris' first-round blunders, I'm sure we'll just waste that, too.

David, Jacksonville

I fully understand that professional sports is entertainment. However, with the manner in which the Jags are playing, can we have soap opera reruns instead?

Bob, Ponte Vedra Beach

The third-quarter, undisguised onside kick is the dumbest call I have ever seen in my 35 years of existence. Hey, Del Rio, if you want to gamble, play the lotto.

James, Jacksonville

The only thing worse than the Texans' "battle red" uniforms was Coach Del Rio wearing a leather jacket paired with shirt and tie. C'mon, Jack, suit up completely instead of looking like a Sopranos extra.

Chris, Jacksonville

Drop this, bobble that ... penalty here, interception there. What an embarrassment. Mr. Weaver, pay for results, not just suiting up.

Joe, Jacksonville

After watching four miserable quarters by the Jaguars, I am convinced that any junior high team can beat the socks off them. The only description I can come up to describe this game is humiliating and disgusting. No excuses are acceptable.

Annette, Jacksonville

Congratulations! …

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