Family Life: Damaging Influence; Parenting with Supermam

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Q MY 15-year-old daughter has started to see someone much older than her. He is 24 and has his own place, and I feel he is too old for her. He doesn't work and is trying to convince her to bunk off school. I'm afraid he is going to be a damaging influence. How can I convince her to stop seeing him?

A IT is unlikely you will be able to - in fact, trying might make her more determined to carry on with the relationship.

She will need your support and protection to make sure she is staying safe and making the right lifestyle choices, so try to keep the communication between you good.

The hardest part is likely to be broaching the subject of sex. Both your daughter and her boyfriend need to be aware of the law around the age of consent, and the risks he may be running in particular.

There are many reasons why girls are attracted to older men - they may think them more mature, more financially stable, or more reliable. …


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