Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Rants & Raves Shootings by Police Not 'Black' Problem

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; Rants & Raves Shootings by Police Not 'Black' Problem

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Police shootings have a negative impact on a city's reputation. People [and] businesses are not going to move here. It's really quite simple: If there are too many police shootings, there must be too much crime. To get to the bottom of it, one must look into when, where and why police are having to use force. If the NAACP were doing nothing, people would complain about that. Just because they are looking into the shootings doesn't mean they are blaming the police. This is not just a "black" problem. If the black community suffers, we all suffer.


I see that the president of the Florida NAACP is in Jacksonville to question the way in which our Jacksonville police force does business. The president should visit the northwest quadrant of the city and explain the rule of law to those residents instead of harassing our police force. By the way, she might want to request a police escort.


I wish that the news media would put the police shootings into context. It would be nice to know how many suspects they peacefully apprehended without shooting, broken down by race. How many were arrested with weapons. All we ever hear is when force is used; give the whole picture.


Thanks to your article, which at the time I thought may create a firestorm, we now have the NAACP and other organizations questioning our city officials regarding police-involved shootings. ... [W]e now have fingers being pointed at our police officers, whose sole creed is to protect and serve.


The NAACP, UAW, ACLU, IRS, UN, NOW (and most of the Jaguars) have outlived their effectiveness. They need to go the way of the dinosaurs.


In response to the repairing of [Jacksonville Municipal Stadium] being our responsibility: I don't believe so. It's been renovated within the past five years. The only thing they should do is take out a lot of seats because there won't be many seats and ticket holders next year. Let Wayne Weaver pay for it or move out of Jacksonville. …

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