Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Reader: Parking Fees a Rip-Off

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Reader: Parking Fees a Rip-Off

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I am disgusted over the parking fees in our city. Saturday evening, we attended the Holiday Pops. Our festive mood was quickly dashed when the parking attendant informed us the price for parking was $15. It was bad enough when the lots near the Times-Union Center recently doubled their fee to $10. This occurred, coincidently, with CSX closing their parking lot to the public. There is absolutely no justification for charging $15 except greed. With limited parking, the parking lot owners have been allowed to rip off the public. Merry Christmas.


Less then two years ago, you cut the comic strip Believe It Or Not (one of my all-time favorites). Now you want to cut eight more. Maybe you could write Washington and get them to dip into the bailout money; everyone else is getting some. Please save all of them!


In response to the person who thinks the music of Metallica, Drowning Pool and the like [is garbage]. I'm sure if I were held captive and had to listen to what you consider "music" I'd go insane, too. And this is coming from a person who listens to everything from Bob Marley to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, to 50 Cent. Who are you to judge what garbage is?


I wanted and needed to buy a house as much as anyone, but with my credit rating all I would have been eligible for at the time of the housing boom was an adjustable rate mortgage, an ARM. [S]o I did my research ... and made my decision. I would hold off on buying. I would rent and work on repairing my credit. I am outraged at all the pity being given to all those who didn't do their research and took an ARM and are now in foreclosure trouble. ... It's their own fault. Foreclose, start renting, and figure it out on your own for once and stop depending on the government and taxpayers to fix your problems.


Listening to and taking note of Republican congressional votes can only lead to one conclusion. …

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