Letter: VOICE OF THE NORTH - Europe Has Human Rights Enshrined

Article excerpt

Byline: JF WHITE

GILLIAN Swanson claims such common sense and expertise (Voice of the North, December 15) as to jurisprudence.

She must therefore know that the common law she often refers to, has evolved in the past by the placing of King John of England and Ireland's seal upon Magna Carta, the great charter awarded to the barons and the landowners to alleviate extortion by the monarch.

Of course, in 1215 the feudal system did not extend rights to the common man as such. These were won effectively in 1832 and ultimately universal suffrage in the 20th Century gained. She will also know Scotland has survived quite well without common law, having its own separate legal system.

The European Corpus Juris, the collection of writings on law achieved by democratic process and enshrined by the European Human Rights Act, offers the following: a guarantee for each individual of life, liberty and security of person; fair administration of justice; free elections at reasonable intervals; freedom from torture, inhuman treatment and slavery, and freedom of expression, assembly and association (note that these freedoms are not written into Common Law). …


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