Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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Byline: Debbie Frank

ARIES: A New Year dawns and you are given the chance to start afresh free of the confusion and restriction of the past. Once you make the decision that you know is right for you it creates the space for new things to grow. Human failings may spoil what is divinely guided, but you don't have to be a part of it.

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TAURUS: Mercury's shift into bright and breezy Aquarius helps you take a more upbeat view of your situation. While certain aspects of your life haven't worked out you will be able to salvage the best aspects of certain projects. You have done what you could and now it is time to withdraw your energy from this situation.

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GEMINI: The mood lifts now Mercury moves into light-hearted Aquarius. This helps you to take the best from a situation without hanging on to any regrets. You have fulfilled your role in this venture and that's all that matters from your point of view. Fulfilment will come in other ways as long as you don't get sidetracked.

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CANCER: New Year's Day is traditionally a day of new beginnings, bringing an opportunity to step into something different. Today is no exception and Mercury's movement into radical Aquarius helps to open your mind and heart to new ideas. You need to do what brings you joy rather than gearing your life around duty and responsibility.

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LEO: What you hear today may be quite surprising, but it also paves the way towards freedom. You have been aware that change needed to happen and this is just taking place in a more radical way than you expected. Today's events simply confirm to you that you are on exactly the right path. Trust in yourself

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VIRGO: Today's revelation could threaten to knock your plans off course, but it also brings an opportunity to look into things more deeply. Once you have dealt with your own doubts, you can work on persuading other people. Life is simpler than you realise but you have to work on keeping to the straight and narrow.

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LIBRA: Once you have made your choice with total certainty you feel that a great load has been taken off your back. …

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