Air Steward Drops Race Bias Case against F1 Boss Dennis

Article excerpt

Byline: Paul Cheston

AN AIR steward who made a string of allegations of racism against Formula One boss Ron Dennis today admitted they were unfounded.

Peter Boland, 27, apologised to the McLaren team chief for making unfounded allegations of racism and homophobia against him as he dropped the case.

Mr Boland released a statement say-ing: I unreservedly apologise to Mr Dennis to the tribunal for wasting their time with what I now realise were unfounded allegations.

In particular, I apologise to Mr Den-nis for suggesting he is, or was, either racist or homophobic, or that he ever made any remarks or performed any actions that would suggest he was.

I feel great remorse for the upset I now realise I have needlessly caused to him, to his family and to his colleagues.

Boland, of Stowmarket, Suffolk had told an employment tribunal at South-ampton he was fired after it became a commonly held belief he was homo-sexual.

However, a McLaren spokesman today revealed that Mr Denniss current steward, Jamie Siggs, is openly gay.

Mr Boland, who was claiming [pounds sterling]100,000 in damages, accused Mr Dennis of making a racist remark about Arabs during a trip to the Middle East. …


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