Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

RANTS & RAVES; Reader Thanks Black Voters for Ridding Us of GOP

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

RANTS & RAVES; Reader Thanks Black Voters for Ridding Us of GOP

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Congratulations to Jacksonville's black community for making it possible for us to rout the Republicans from their catastrophic control of Congress and the White House. As a white former Republican, [I] urged [my] black friends to wake up and use their cherished right to vote and democratic power to tell the fat cats that enough is enough. ... This to me was a dramatic thank-you for the mysterious disappearance of 28,000 votes in an election that could have been won had those ballots been counted. Strange, indeed, that there never was an investigation into the fate of those votes. At any rate, my brothers, you rose to the occasion, and we are proud of you. Now, follow the lead of President Obama ... to bring this beautiful ship back on an even keel. Yes we can!


Watching our new president speak, it reminded me of the impact youth and passion can have on a people. Now, the real question is, can he take his lack of experience and new sense of energy and make it work for all Americans?


I really have to speak out against this thought that President Obama is our first black president. He isn't; he is our first biracial president. Somewhere, his white half is being disregarded, the half that bore him, the side that raised him. His white grandparents who took him in and raised him basically made him who he is. And this is all pushed aside for the half that deserted him.


Interesting how low-class and ungracious people can behave. Large crowds at the inauguration chanted sophomoric, disrespectful songs of ridicule [some even offering the finger] as not only President Bush descended the steps but also ... first lady Laura Bush. [She] quietly dedicated herself to so many worthy causes for the past eight years, always embracing people in her own kind, genuine way, only to be disregarded and disrespected in such a pathetic public display.


I wanted to enjoy the inaugural parade on TV [because] it was impossible to be there, but the television commentators refused to shut up for one second. …

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