Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Stop Using Color as a Legal Excuse

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Stop Using Color as a Legal Excuse

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First, I'd like to say I am not prejudiced. I believe we are all equals. But I am so tired of listening to black people complain. If you show up on time to work, do your job, most likely you won't get fired. If you don't break the law, you won't get arrested. If Publix doesn't give out money to black organizations, tough. Grow up, people, and take responsibility for your own actions. Stop using your color as a good excuse to sue some company so you can get rich. I know that people suffer, but white people suffer, too. We cannot use that as an excuse.


Remember the big flap about Sarah Palin's dresses? Americans, where are you? Are you awake? We haven't heard any comment on "Queen Madam" Pelosi's snit about having to ride home in the small, private, economy jet that comes with the speaker's job. Remember how Madame Pelosi was so aggravated that this little jet had to refuel while transporting her to California every week? Remember that she insisted on a luxurious 200-seat jet to fly her to California nonstop instead? Hello, folks, are you awake? Can't you muster even a little indignation?


President Obama is currently having problems with some of his cabinet and White House nominations due to his staff doing a poor job of vetting the nominees. I fear the nation faces the same potential problem with Obama. He was not thoroughly vetted during the presidential campaign, thanks to the mainstream media and its desire for him to be elected. We will soon know the real Obama.


A recent letter from a retired State Farm manager sang the praises of State Farm Insurance and explained to us "country bumpkins" that the residents of Florida are in denial and that State Farm, and insurance companies as a whole, are one hurricane away from bankruptcy because of their inadequate premium policies. …

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