Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

POSTAL SERVICE; Delivery Cuts?

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

POSTAL SERVICE; Delivery Cuts?

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There is some discussion that the Postal Service may want to reduce delivery one day per week.

It could save money and perhaps prevent increasing costs to consumers, but it would mean reducing service.

Members of our E-Mail Interactive Group offer their comments. We have a number of them on our Editorial Blog at Here are a selected few, edited for space and clarity.


Reducing operating costs for the U.S. Postal System, as well as reducing the price of a stamp:

1. No route deliveries on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Make Post Office box deliveries and open customer service windows only on those days. Even close those down too, if necessary.

2. Thirty percent reduction in salaries/wages for all postal workers. Instead of working six days a week ,they'd now be working four days a week.

3. Reduce the price of a stamp to 25 cents.

4. Stop or discontinue all U.S. Post Office advertising on TV, radio and newspapers.

5. Stop or discontinue double dipping, meaning no retired government employee (city, county, state, federal, military, etc.) can be employed at a post office. - E. KEVAN ROWLEE, Kingsland, Ga.


Instead of shutting down on Saturdays, they should eliminate Wednesdays. By saving money, they would probably not be asking us to pay more for our stamps. And if they want to save more, they could get the workers to pay for their health insurance just like federal government workers. - JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN, Orange Park.


While I am not opposed to the end of Saturday delivery, there are a number of other cost-saving steps to consider first.

One is the vast number of tiny post offices across this land. In my own area, Putnam Hall and Lake Geneva both qualify and could be served out of Keystone Heights.

Today, we have RFD and urban delivery, so the need for every little hamlet to have their own postmaster, building, staff and town address is superfluous.

I say keep the zip and the name, but consolidate the counter access in sensible centralized locations where people from those smaller areas shop! It is not like you can't get stamps from your carrier or Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie etc. and the same goes for money orders. Focus on the people needs in today's society, not that of 100 years ago! - KEITH CHESHIRE, East Palatka.


The Postal Service pays for almost 100 percent of health care premiums for its employees. It authorizes full retirement at an earlier age. Postage rates are high for all but first-class stamps for letters and postcards. Eliminating parcel post (using ships instead of air) for packages overseas has stopped people from sending many of the packages because of the exorbitant cost. …

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