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Byline: Joe Michna, Hartlepool Citizens' Advice Bureau manager

Q. When employers are selecting employees for redundancy, do they have to use any kind of special procedure?

A. An employer is free to choose any selection criteria provided it can be objectively assessed and it does not involve discrimination.

Q. What if there is already an agreed redundancy selection procedure?

A. Some employers will have a recognised procedure which will be part of the contract with employees. It may be just included in the employee's contract of employment or it may have been agreed with a recognised trade union or representatives of the employees.

Q. What are some common examples of selection criteria that employers may use?

A. Some examples of selection factors that employers may use include:

length of service

ability and performance

time keeping

disciplinary records

flexibility and adaptability of employees

Q. Do some employers still use a system known as LIFO?

A. LIFO, that is 'last in, first out' means that those employees with the longest service with their employer will stay and hose most recently employed will be dismissed.

However, using this factor alone could lead to claims for age discrimination as it may discriminate against younger employees and an employer will need to justify using this criterion in selecting candidates for redundancy Q. What are Matrix (points) Systems? …


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