Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Why Doesn't JEA Make Up Its Mind?

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Why Doesn't JEA Make Up Its Mind?

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I am flabbergasted at the news JEA plans to raise our water rates! They say this is because we aren't using enough water (thus reducing the amount of money they collect). Last I knew, we were under water restrictions with the days and times mandated for use and if "caught" in violation, residents are subject to fines. I find it incredible that we will now be "punished" not only for conserving water but following the law! What next?


It's hard to understand how previous calls to the police went unheeded and charges that were filed were dropped against the woman accused of brutally beating her frail mother-in-law. Thank goodness the neighbors had the heart and courage to try again. And isn't "the victim fell" the oldest excuse/lie in the book? It's sad that this defenseless woman was not protected by the police or her own family.


The president is going to sign into law the new emergency spending bill. He says it will create 3 million new jobs. One of the items included in the bill is a provision by Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa for [$1.7 million] to explore pig smells on farms! I think that something in that bill smells, but it's not coming from any farm.


Government handouts, whether to unwed moms or to failing businesses, waste funds ... and perpetuate poverty and failure. Eventually, non-productive people, like non-productive businesses, disappear and are forgotten. Once they are forgotten, they no longer influence or contribute to society. Successful societies recognize that their strength lies in the personal responsibility and accountability of the individual members of that society.


Why do certain people feel it necessary to preface their remarks with "As a Christian ..."? Do they think Christians are the only people with values and morals? …

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