Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Tackle Teen Issues with Respect, Trust

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Tackle Teen Issues with Respect, Trust

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MUM described her relationship with her 16-year-old daughter, Darlene, as being near breakdown.

"It's like walking on eggshells every day.

"If I say or do or react the wrong way then she screams, throws things around the room, calls me every name imaginable.

"It's so bad I'm honestly scared to get up in the morning and scared to come home in the afternoon."

Darlene tells a different story.

"What would you do?

"Since dad died of cancer early this year, mum's suffocating me. She just won't leave me alone.

"I applied to go on exchange to give us all a break but it's still two months away so now she has pulled me out of the netball team in case I get injured.

"I'm the captain and our coach just can't believe it. I hate her."

From mum's point of view, she had just lost a partner, so she was really going to protect what was left.

From Darlene's viewpoint she had not only lost her dad, but she was fast losing friends and freedom too.

Just recently I had this email from a teenager which puts the other side of the story:

"I hate going home. If my parents are home I sneak off to my room and try not to come out until they're in bed.

"We just don't see things the same way.

"They both migrated here from Italy and want to bring me up that way, but they're much stricter than Australian parents and they won't listen or change their ways at all.

"I am 18 and recently was offered an evening full-time job in a restaurant and I accepted.

"My father was livid. He called my employer and told him to sack me or he would pull my car to bits so I couldn't get to work.

"I understand his reasons for doing it, but it was disempowering - I was unable to make my own decisions.

"In the end, I didn't give up the job but now I spend as much time away from home as I can and take on more shifts so that I don't have to deal with the friction at home. …

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