Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

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Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

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* I am excited. First windfall ever from a Government. Usually Joe Average misses out. Turnbull has just killed a possible vote from me.

* Malcolm Turnbull pretence of 'blocking' the 42 billion knowing full well that it will go through with the help of the backing of the other parties. So if things do go really badly he will be able to say "we tried to stop it". They think we are so gullible!

* This handout is being funded by debt which the same people who receive it will be repaying with compounded interest in years to come through higher taxes. This time the hand-out is not coming from spare funds and all would do well to consider that properly.

* Cat . Feb 4 .. More power to you. If more people were like you there'd be no road rage.

* I was under the assumption the Mine is responsible for up keep of the road between Jondaryan and Acland. How about fixing the potholes that are big enough to put your head in before I send you the bill for a wheel alignment.

* Pet shop: you shouldn't put full grown dogs in glass cases. Very very cruel. They can hardly turn around. Pick your act up or just sell fish.

* K, mid ridge. You obviously don't have children, and to comment without knowing what it is like to shop with young ones is unfair. You were young once too and I am sure you were not the perfect child! Fair go.

* KLH, $1125p/a for parking = $22 p/wk. Less if you allow for holidays. I had to pay $40 for three hours parking at public car park in Brisbane. For doctor's visit!

* Oh yes we like to comment on the children's behaviour but as a mother of three small ones it is almost impossible for us to discipline our children without stares. Our hands are tied. Yes sometimes we have to take them out and god forbid if they get tired and restless. All I can say is get over it as we do

* Road rage' yes it shouldn't happen but the whole thing is if the drivers of Twba would obey the simple road rules, and especially the ones who don't know what giveaway means, it's totally understandable. If people drove properly road rage wouldn't happen!

* Did Rudd not learn his lesson, hand out will go on pokies and cheap useless imports. …

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