Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Youth at Lennox Are Copping a Raw Deal

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Youth at Lennox Are Copping a Raw Deal

Article excerpt

I AM very disappointed with the article 'Youth gangs in Lennox cause grief' (NS, 3/3), due to inaccuracies and also due to what was not said.

Firstly, the Lennox Head community per se is not overly worried about crime or thinking that it is escalating. Crime goes up and down in all areas. The opinion expressed is that of one or two selective groups who do not consult widely. Lennox Head has less crime than anywhere I have ever lived.

Everybody knows by now that the incidents on Australia Day at Lake Ainsworth were highly exaggerated by both the press and a few residents. As for the comment by Fred Goodman on youth gangs, that was just ridiculous if he were referring to Lennox Heads youth.

Fred, here are some facts. For several years now Lennox Head youth have been subjected to carloads of morons from Ballina coming in cowardly packs to our town and randomly outnumbering and bashing young people.

There is a long history of not one-on-one fights, but half a dozen or more on one. They then drive off into the sunset safe back at home.

Obviously these perpetrators are going nowhere in life - that is the only thing the victims can console themselves with.

Everybody between 15 and 25 here knows it and most have witnessed it. That is the only form of 'gang' activity that can be spoken of when referring to Lennox Head.

So it would be good if The Northern Star could lay off the sensationalist stories for a little while.

It would be also good if the minority that keep thinking Lennox Head is an unsafe town had a rethink. You need to live elsewhere for a while before you speak again. I always feel safe.

Youth and alcohol? Well, that is another sad issue altogether and applicable to society in general.

Lost opportunities

KYOGLE councillors recently decided the fate of an historic building, the town's best example of the Art Deco period.

Heritage reports that recommended protecting the building were accepted by council, but apparently not formalised, and four of the six councillors ignored expert advice not to approve its demolition.

Rally Australia is the next business that appears to be receiving preferential treatment by council.

Rally organisers have not even lodged a development application with the council, yet are already telling residents what they can and can't do! With a 'preferred' rally date of early September, I fully expect the council to bow to pressure and reduce or even waive the mandatory 40-day community consultation process.

Kyogle Council's reluctance to conserve its assets has resulted in poorly informed planning decisions. It also labours under chronic financial problems and its latest attempt to secure a lifeline from big business is a desperate bid for relevancy within its own Chamber of Commerce. …

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