Boris Considers Bringing in Off-Peak Rate for C-Charge

Article excerpt

Byline: KATHARINE BARNEY City Hall Reporter

MOTORISTS could be charged varying amounts according to when they enter the congestion zone.

The [pounds sterling]8 daily rate could be lowered in the middle of the day to help businesses operating in the zone while the higher tariff could operate in the rush hour.

Boris Johnson is also considering applying different charges according to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by different vehicles.

If follows the Mayor's announcement that he would scrap the western extension of the zone after a public consultation voted in favour of its abolishment.

The consultation document complied by the Mayor's office and Transport for London also asked the public if they would like to see adjustments to the current scheme.

Options include applying a peak rate in a similar way to how the Tube network operates.

A spokesman for the Mayor said: "The basic rate will not go up, this was a manifesto commitment, so if we were to do anything we could lower it which no motorists would object to. There would have to be a premium rate for certain types of vehicles at certain times of the day.

"What we have always said is that we want to make it easier for people to pay the charge, and the work that Transport for London has been getting on with since the consultation is to implement a payment account. The idea of variable payments is something they have been looking at as part of that." One model TfL having been considering is the "intelligent" congestion system pioneered in Stockhom.

Under the Swedish system, payments depend on the time of day that motorists enter the congestion charge zone. …


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