Facts on Organ and Tissue Donation:

Article excerpt

* In 2008, 259 Australians donated organs, benefiting some 846 transplant recipients. Of the 259 organ donors, 48 were from Queensland. In Queensland, 349 people became tissue donors.

* There is no age limit for becoming an organ or tissue donor.

* In 2008, 173 people living in Queensland received life-saving organ transplants.

* Organ donation saves lives. Tissue donation improves quality of life. Every donor has the potential to improve the lives of 10 people.

* Australians have been receiving life-giving organ transplants (heart, lung, liver, kidneys and pancreas) as well as tissue transplants (corneas, heart valves and bone tissue) since 1965. More than 30,000 people have received life saving or life enhancing transplants.

* Australia boasts one of the highest transplantation success rates.

* Queenslanders Donate, a division of Queensland Health, coordinates all aspects of organ donation within Queensland. There are no charges to families who wish to donate.

* More than 1800 Australians are waiting for life-saving organ transplants, 50 of them children.

* In Australia, more than one person will die every week waiting for an organ transplant.

* In Australia, a person has a 10 times greater chance of requiring an organ or tissue transplant than of becoming a donor. …


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