Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Councillor Advocates Returning to Wards

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Councillor Advocates Returning to Wards

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IN recent weeks Cr Charlie Cox, of Richmond Valley, has portrayed himself as caring about the expense incurred by councils for by-elections. Yes, councils often face unexpected expenses and a by-election is a financial cost that is unforeseen, but necessary.

Has there been any discussion about the cost to ratepayers and residents when their right for fair representation is taken away?

If wards still remained then the cost of a by-election would be reduced as it would only relate to that ward. Importantly, residents would have equal representation, particularly in the lower river towns and rural areas.

I hope the Minister for Local Government does conduct a review, not only on by-elections but also the need for wards in some council areas.

WA experience

FED UP with rally organisers' ongoing demands for more and more taxpayers' money for their event, the West Australian Government decided to tear up the contract to hold the Telstra Rally Australia (now Repco Rally Australia) in their state.

Following that decision, and on the same day, two petitions were tabled in Parliament. The first, protesting at the loss of the rally, had 74 signatures. The second, protested the ending of infant swimming lessons in Fremantle, and had 672 signatures. The good folk in WA had their priorities right.

Act of faith

EVOLUTION - a spiritual void. Faith is a 'divine virtue' by which we believe all that God has revealed. Faith is a consent, a submission of the intelligence to the authority of God, who reveals under the impulse of the free will, itself moved by grace.

The act of faith must be free, that is to say, it must avoid all external restraint (for instance, evolution) which would have as its object, or its direct effect, to extort it against the subject's will. By faith alone do we hold truths which are above nature, and what we believe rests on authority. …

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