The Bible: An Inconvenient Text

Article excerpt

The bible is an inconvenient text says Norman Habel an eminent Australian theologian.

In the context of the current ecological crisis facing Australia, and the world, the bible is far from 'green' and many texts are 'grey' suggests Professor Habel. In fact, Habel, with others, think that Western Christianity has had a large part to play in the current environmental problems facing our societies.

Habel encourages people to read the bible from the perspective of the earth, and the earth community. In this way people should become aware of how often nature is devalued by our previous interpretations of the bible.

Professor Norman Habel is a keynote speaker at the 6th Festival of Philosophy, Science and Theology to be held in Grafton from June 27 to July 1, 2009. He is a fellow of Flinders University in Adelaide and has initiated and edited the five volumes of the Earth Bible series and has published recently Exploring Ecological Hermeneutics. He is also very active in social justice in Australia and India and recently co-founded a school for the Dalit people (ie. …


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