Mind-Body Healing Is Beneficial; Treatment with EFT Made Hayley Nissen Feel a Sense of Calm and She Was Able to Release Her Pain

Article excerpt

Byline: Hayley Nissen

IT may sound the same, but EFT has nothing to do with Extra Sensory Perception or Electronic Funds Transfers - it's more uplifting than that.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a practice which acknowledges the relationship between the mind and body when dealing with physical and emotional pain.

Founded by Gary Craig in 1995, EFT is "an emotional, needle-free version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries regarding the connection between your body's energies, your emotions and your health".

From allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, disease and migraines to depression, insomnia, addictions and weight loss - EFT can improve most conditions according to its followers.

Practitioner Heather Hopkins is based in Mooloolaba and turned to researching alternative healing modalities when diagnosed with Meniere's disease, which can cause sufferers to have turns where they become nauseous and feel dizzy.

After one of these episodes, which were occurring almost daily, Heather would have to lie down for up to four hours which meant she was sleeping for a good 16 hours out of every day and had to quit work.

Having previously studied the pre-requisites for chiropractic at the University of the Sunshine Coast and with 10 years of chiropractic care, Heather was well aware that healing must be addressed from the inside out, and so she continued battling the disease with alternative methods.

However, it wasn't until a friend handed her a copy of a book by Dr John Sarno called Healing Back Pain, (Dr Sarno deals with the mind-body connection), that her condition took a turn for the better.

After reading the book, Heather said she had realised instantly that she was done dealing with Meniere's.

From the day she put that book down, she has not had one single episode.

Continuing her research into the mind-body connection, Heather encountered EFT in 2007 and it is now something she feels passionate about.

So when I started asking Heather about how the whole process works - because it was a little difficult for me to get my head around at first - she suggested giving me a basic session about a few issues that I had been having.

I started off by telling her what had been bothering me and any physical ailments I was feeling.

Heather then asked me to rate my anger towards this situation on a scale of zero to 10 (10 being shout-the-house-down mad). …


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