Killarney Beef Producers Will Learn about Liver Fluke Prevention

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KILLARNEY is the venue for an information session next week, presented by liver fluke expert Glenn Anderson.

Australian beef producers will be the first to benefit from the world's first triple combination cattle parasiticide injection, which targets all stages of liver fluke with added control of roundworms and external parasites.

Liver fluke has caused constant problems for cattle producers in the Killarney district but this new formula may provide some respite.

Nitromec Injection, developed by Virbac Animal Health, is also the first flukicide proven to provide outstanding three-stage liver fluke control without the use of triclabendazole, considered the best active for treating the parasite since 1980.

The powerful one-shot treatment is proven to be over 10 times more effective1 than pour-on flukicides in treating two-week-old early immature liver flukes.

Targeting early immature fluke prevents the parasite from causing massive damage as it burrows through the liver, ending up in the animal's ile duct where within 12 weeks of infection it lays eggs that pass from cattle to contaminate pastures.

Left untreated liver fluke prevents weight gains, impairs growth and in severe cases causes death.

Dr Anderson said the new injection used a synergistic effect of two fluke control actives, to provide a greater than 99 per cent efficacy against flukes from as young as two weeks old. …


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