20,000 Mental Health Reference Cards Introduced to Tackle Warwick Suicides

Article excerpt

IN response to a number of suicides in Warwick, 20,000 mental health reference cards will be distributed across the region during Mental Health Week this week.

Southern Downs Suicide Prevention Taskforce Warwick member Sheran Gleeson said the cards identify signs of someone who might be at risk of self harm or suicide and lists steps to support people who may be experiencing difficulties.

"Working with the University of Southern Queensland Centre for Rural and Remote Area Health (CRRAH) they will be distributed not just in community centres but places like the local hardware store, pubs, pools and bowling clubs," Mrs Gleeson said.

"They are not a diagnostic tool but sort of like a first response."

Mrs Gleeson said the cards were useful for men who tended to be less likely to seek help.

"They can have the card handy in their pocket and if they need help they can find out where to go," she said.

Mrs Gleeson said the cards would be useful for concerned family and friends. …