Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

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Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

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* Reply to the person saying that we should have a ban on people under the age of 21 to be out after 5. what happens if ur a good 15 year old that has a job and that job makes you stay out till 9. what about late night shopping? im sorry but to put a ban on this is rubbish. if anything like that does happen i'll be losing 100-200 dollars a week. does that sound fair to you. here is a little advice: go to the strand if your so worried about the people on top of the grandy... on and peircing and tattos: they are nothing, go to brissy, there are a lot more people to be scared of there

* I did save some money for back to school but it is costing more and more. i am sure those that give, have a lot more money than i see in a year. thanks to all those that give to help others! if you dont have kids you save a lot more than 1000 a year. my elec bill over 2k a year and a food bill over 300 a week and dont get me started on cloths and shoes. be gr8 full i am :-)

* Agree with anonymous (10/3). Police should get their act together and pay more attention to the youths with tattoos and piercings all over their bodies. If they think sticking needles and holes inside themselves is 'fun', the lord knows what other rubbish they're getting up to. Get it sorted.

* I work on checkouts and i am seriously sick of customers that are quick to complain about you if you do something wrong. Don't talk enough. Don't smile enough. Don't laugh enough and don't look like your enjoying being at work enough.. But when you do all those things its funny how nobody ever compliments you. Or even thanks you. You get abused by some customers then the ones after then complain cause you look miserable. I just find it amusing how the public are quick to complain. But never thinks about ringing up and actually leaving a compliment for the person that served them instead of a complaint.

* Yes 4wds to have own parking outside of main city boundaries. something 4 tcc 2 think about

* To the person complaining about young people hanging around downtown (tc 10/1/09) get real! Fair enough to say that thugs do cause trouble but to say that a ban of people under 21 would make a twmba a nicer place to raise a family.. yeh as under 21 and sometimes i can only get downtown after 5pm to go to the cinema with my girlfriend and sometimes my mates because i have school and work. I bet u wouldnt appreciate a ban if u were my age! And young people do appreciate film...why else would we go there? …

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