Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

{Where Are All the Good Men?} {Singles Seek Eligible Local Bachelors}; Single Women Seek Eligible Local Bachelors

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

{Where Are All the Good Men?} {Singles Seek Eligible Local Bachelors}; Single Women Seek Eligible Local Bachelors

Article excerpt

THEY are talented, intelligent, attractive, and articulate.

They have fulfilling careers, active social lives, and a broad network of friends and family.

Yet despite their many attributes, Renata Schindler and Christie McCabe say it's not exactly raining eligible men in Toowoomba.

They are not alone. Reports from a small army of single women living locally would suggest that Toowoomba is a tougher spot than most to find a bloke; regardless of just how good a catch that single girl might be.

Trouble is most of that small army does not want to speak publicly. There's still a funny old-fashioned kind of stigma about admitting you are not married, apparently.

Renata and Christie are made of sterner stuff than that. They revealed where you go to look for love in this town, the reasons for the shortfall of men, and the impact of that ticking biological clock.

Christie, 28, high school teacher

"The hardest thing is finding people on the same level. I like to converse with gentlemen, but the men here don't seem to be looking for that. They seem a little more countrified.

"I have lived in Toowoomba, Roma, Chinchilla, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and London - and I admit, I may be a little commitment phobic. But relationships are emotionally draining - I believe you have to have your own life in order before you can possibly take on a relationship.

"I have found that many men in Toowoomba of my age are still living at home. The roles of men and women in society are changing too - they are confused, and there are no clear role definitions anymore.

"I truly don't know where to go in Toowoomba to meet eligible single men. I organise lots of things with my friends on weekends such as bowls and games and cards, but after that we normally go out - and it's always the same old, same old, thing. It is depressing. I'm starting to feel too old to bother, because it's exhausting. I would much rather be in a position to go home with my husband.

"Friends make or break you when you're single. I admit I moved to Toowoomba to find greener pastures, but I'm learning that the pastures are not always greener.

"Sometimes I wonder if I'm too fussy, but then I think I shouldn't have to settle for less - I will only marry for love. The perfect relationship to me is someone who is my best friend, with the same morals, and similar interests. He must like me as much as I like him. I want a companion. Looks are what attract you to someone, but it is personality and the "spark" that makes the bond.

"I don't feel any pressure from family or friends to get married - any pressure is internal. I would be lonely if I never got married, but the biological clock is not an issue for me right now."

Renata, 30, medical program co-ordinator

"I grew up in Toowoomba, but have been back here two years after living in Brisbane. …

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