India's Secret Gem Hidden from World Terror

Article excerpt

'THIS is my favourite activity in the world,' declares my wife as we drift into our third hour floating gently down the Ganges, alongside the Ghats (steps) of Varanasi in an activity as timeless as it gets.

Leaving the latest market crash, dire predictions of

depression, terrorist bombings and the melting ice caps, we have cast adrift on this graceful goddess river, mother Ganga, tuning into the vibration of a place where for over 5000 years the same heartfelt rituals have been practised daily.

We have just returned from three days of celebration with a thousand farmers of Azamgarh, where 10 years ago the first Indian farmer joined Organic India and converted back to organic farming, starting the organic revolution in India.

We have been celebrating the Tulsi (holy basil) harvest festival, bringing this healing herb to the world sustainably.

These farmers have embraced organic farming for a healthier, chemical-free life, enjoying better income and health prospects for their families. The Organic India story is a shining example of applying consciousness to all aspects of business. As chairman of Organic India, my life is enriched by my

connection to Indian culture and people.

There is a sweetness of being in these Indians that is like nowhere else on Earth. …


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