Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Demand Wide Ban on Throw Away Bag

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Demand Wide Ban on Throw Away Bag

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IT WAS announced last week that South Australia will become the first State to ban the throw-away plastic bag.

Environment Minister Jay Weatherill called the move 'historic'. The ban will start from January 1next year, with a phase-in period to continue until May 4.

With the NSW Government under so much pressure, now is a great time to lobby Carmel Tebbutt, the NSW Minister for the Environment and Deputy Premier, to 'encourage' the NSW Government to become the second state to legislate a ban on the throw-away plastic bag.

You can contact her office on (02) 9228 4866, or send an email to ( With a bit of pressure, together we can stop millions of bags ending up in landfill or in the ocean, parks or waterways.

Indefensible trade

CAMERON HALL, CEO of Livecorp Pty Ltd, your letter (NS, 31/10) pertaining to the live animal export trade obliged my response.

You made issue of those criticisms I levelled at your industry but, no surprise, you made absolutely no attempt to defend its despairing history, or to extend assurances that no such events will be repeated; nor, for that matter, to address the very issue at the core of the live animal export trade, its inhumanity.

Suppose one could well suggest that, without bringing your very own humanity into question, you are simply unable to offer such defence.

Your strident defence of this insidious trade further took me by no surprise; you are, after all, as Livecorp CEO, its 'advocate in chief'. Why would you not vigorously defend it!

Again, I suggest, the end of this trade approaches. National interest in the form of home-based industry and regional Australia jobs will be the catalyst. Ever-increasing social and political focus as economic times toughen will see to it.

Live animal export is a national disgrace and an international embarrassment! Demand its end.

Divine knowledge

I WAS reading Tom Lynch and Peter Tierney's comments that the Bible is the result of human effort. Now I do appreciate that the many translations from the originals were done by human expertise. …

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